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  • Self-contained
  • Easy installation
  • Use one light per 40-50 square feet
  • Typical row spacing of 8-10ft
  • Translucent endcap for seamless linking


Each light comes with the following:

  • 2 upgraded heavy duty metal clips
  • 1 upgraded short connector for joining lights continuous
  • 1 10” Flexible Jumper Cord for joining at a distance
  • 1 10” Starter Cord for powering the first light of a row
  • 1 End plug for capping off the end light of a row


Left and right corner light options available for this light - they can be purchased from the accessories page.

Linkable 18W 48" DLC 5000K Frosted


Wattage: 18 W
Length: 48"

Linkable Capacity: 10 per row

Light Output: 2,340 lm
CCT: 5000 K
Voltage: 100-277v
Power Factor: >0.95
THD: 10%
CRI: 80
Light Attenuation: 1% over 50,000hrs

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