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o    Self-contained

o    Easy installation

o    Perfect retrofit for 4' T12 fixtures

o    Typically used to retrofit existing or decorative fluorescent fixtures without sacrificing CSA approval

o    Used to retrofit explosion-proof fluorescent fixtures


Each light comes with the following:

o    2 upgraded heavy duty metal clips

o    1 upgraded short connector for joining lights continuous

o    1 10” Flexible Jumper Cord for joining at a distance

o    1 10” Starter Cord for powering the first light of a row

o    1 End plug for capping off the end light of a row

Linkable 18W 46" 6000K


Wattage: 18 W

Length: 46"

Linkable Capacity: 14 per row
Light Output: 2,160 lm
CCT: 6000 K
Voltage: 100-277v
Power Factor: >0.95
THD: 10%
CRI: 80
Light Attenuation: 1% over 50,000hrs

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